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Innovative & Interdisciplinary showcase platform for fashion and a worldwide network of emerging designers and artists.

11th edition of ‘FASHIONCLASH Festival’ takes place 1 - 3 November 2019 in Maastricht.

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KOORKAPPEN Project (Choir robes project)
In cooperation with Heiligdomsvaart Maastricht 2018

In 2011, FASHIONCLASH presented the ‘Fashion Procession’ project in cooperation with the Heiligdomsvaart Maastricht. In this Fashion Procession, models showed the designs inspired by liturgical garments in a parade through the city of Maastricht and accompanied by live music. 7 years later, a brand new project KOORKAPPEN has been initiated and will be presented with a Fashion Procession in May 2018, followed by an exhibition at the Bonnefantenmuseum during the 10th edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival.

In the city of Maastricht, we are still confronted with its catholic identity on every corner. While the ties between the church and Maastricht’s society are becoming ever looser,  the catholic ‘culture pattern’ in the city continues to exist. The identity of the city as a religious center and pilgrim city is still alive. The ‘Rich Roman life’, the beauty and splendor, the processions and liturgical robes are still there. Half a century ago, the people of Maastricht were part of the Heiligdomsvaart celebration and they were actively involved due to their personal religious convictions. The two previous editions (2004, 2011) were more ‘festivities to watch’ by the majority of the population and the occasional visitors. Nowadays, it is mainly a celebration of cultural heritage.

That is exactly the starting point for the KOORKAPPEN (choir robes) project, a cooperation between FASHIONCLASH and Heligdomsvaart Maastricht. Designers are invited to create a new design inspired by the historical choir robes and their meaning. The basilica of Saint Servaas in Maastricht is in possession of a number of very beautiful 18th century choir robes made of rich fabrics, decorated with the most precious materials and often with beautiful embroidery depicting religious representations. Choir robes have been worn through the ages by priests who preside over the service and carry their mercy to the people in word and thought.

Especially for the designers in this project the basilica of Saint Servaas will reveal these treasures, an each designer was assigned one of the robes so that it can serve as inspiration. The question is, how does the new generation look at a traditional and religious subject?

The KOORKAPPEN Project will be shown on Sunday the 6th of May by means of a Fashion Procession in the city centre and then exhibited during the FASHIONCLASH Festival in the Bonnefantenmuseum. In this exhibition, the original 18th century robes will be presented alongside the new designs.

Masterclass Goudborduren in cooperation with Crafts Council NL
2-day masterclass goldwork embroidery by Monique van Munster (moniquenwerk)
More info & sign-up: here

Modeprocessie (fashion procession) May 6 Start at 15:00 at Centre Ceramique.

Participating designers:

Marlou Breuls, a graduate from Amsterdam Fashion Institute has gathered both national and international fame, winning the LICHTING 2016 Audience Favourite Awards and she was selected designer to watch by Vogue Italia in 2017. Her work combines unique hand-crafted skills and high-fashion sensibility, which combined with an unusual use of materials creates fashion that is not just clothes, but objects on which to perform conceptual experiments.


Ebby Port is a young Maastricht based designer who creates one of a kind clothes for women. Her work is often based on hand printed silk-screen prints, where each item is unique. She states that an important element of her design is freedom, as you should feel free in the clothes you wear.



Laurie Bessems, a graduate from Trent University, is a luxury knitwear designer. She works with knitwear, as well as leather interior design.





Tiel Janssen is specialised in making theatrical costumes, which she adopted from making elaborate Carnaval costumes in her hometown Maastricht. She makes impressive costumes and jewellery through the development of new techniques mainly through the reuse of plastic, creating portable art from self-developed materials.



Lise van Wetten is a fashion and material designer from Deurne in North-Brabant. She wants to create strong women in beautiful clothes, whilst keeping the garments wearable and unique. She develops silhouettes through a draping technique and with self-created materials and prints.



Enclothed Cognition is a collaborative project from fashion designer Bregje Cox and visual artist Mark King. The collection is inspired by the theory of Enclothed Cognition. Particularly, how a garment’s symbolic meaning paired with the physical experience of wearing the garment combines to impact the wearer’s performance in everyday tasks. The Enclothed Cognition collection seeks to empower others by bringing awareness to the interplay between the clothes we wear, the built environment and the human mind.


Jolieke Kessels is a current student of MAFAD in the body department.





Karlijn Krijger, a graduate of MAFAD, is a creator of contemporary garments with an emphasis on durability and ‘pracht’. Her collections have been praised for ‘sexy simplicity’, creating charming and intimate female pieces with a timeless splendor.




Iris Claessens’s designs are inspired by nature. She has an inherent appreciation for beauty and frailty of nature, and she aims to capture this in her work, translating her appreciation into design.




Mona Steinhauser is a graduate of MAFAD as well as the Sandberg Instituut’s project Fashion Matters. Together with Julia Aumann, they have recently created the brand HOIHOI.

Julia Aumann, a graduate of MAFAD, is a Maastricht based fashion designer. She describes herself as a multidisciplinary creative being, connecting fashion, photography, illustration, music and film to create her own cosmos. Together with Mona Steinhauser, they have recently created the brand HOIHOI.



Photography Anton Fayle & Sem Shayne
Hair: Cindy de Vogel @ KEVIN.MURPHY
Make-Up: Rachel Ritzen @ Make-Up My Religion and Ellis Faas
Models: Naverone Cole, Claudia de Wilde

Tiel Janssen

Lise van Wetten

Enclothed Cognition

Karlijn Krijger & Iris Claessens


Marlou Breuls

Ebby Port

Laurie Bessems

Jolieke Kessels


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