Blanche Dael: Continuing a shared love for coffee!

16 Nov 2021

Being a FASHIONCLASH Festival partner for years, we are happy to team up with Blanche Dael again and continue our shared love for coffee for the 2021 edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival!

Blanche Dael is the traditional coffee roaster and tea bakery from Maastricht, that has been roasting fresh coffee and packaging high-quality tea every day, since 1878. They proudly do this for the hospitality industry, offices and for the people at home. Blanche Dael is meant for people who choose honest products with a real story.

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Blanche Dael

New Flavours

Craftsmanship is a great asset within their craft; it is a continuous learning and development process for new flavours and the techniques of tomorrow. Blanche Dael strives for the subtle difference of the best – flavours and aromas that invite you to drink a second cup.

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Blanche Dael FASHIONCLASH Festival - Blanche Dael

Socially responsible

Entrepreneurship is a social activity for Blanche Dael. This is reflected in conscious employment practices, in their biodegradable coffee packaging, participating in local partnerships and in paying a fair price to farmers.
With their own foundation Escuela Blanche Dael they support educational projects in coffee country Guatemala.

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Blanche Dael FASHIONCLASH Festival - Blanche Dael

FASHIONCLASH Festival x Blanche Dael

During FASHIONCLASH Festival, you can visit the exhibition of As of Nū, Bobbine Berden Design, Luca Tichelman and verbel on the 5th floor of the Blanche Dael building, whilst enjoying a warm cup of the most delicious coffee (or tea!) of Maastricht.

Are you a true coffee lover? Then also don’t forget to book a tour through the coffee roastery!