Fashion Talks during FASHIONCLASH Festival

16 Nov 2021

Will the future of fashion become hybrid and digital? Or do you want to find out more about Culture.Fashion, the open and value-driven network in the field of fashion and textile in the Netherlands? These, and many more topics, will be covered in the Fashion Talk program during FASHIONCLASH Festival!

Watch and listen to many interesting speakers from the comfort of your own home or while on the road via the FASHIONCLASH Festival livestream with a 3-day online ticket for just €15,-! The Fashion Talks of The Clash House and Anouk van Klaveren can also be joined in person.


Friday 26 November

19:00/ Official Online Opening of FASHIONCLASH Festival & New Fashion Narratives – Kicking off the online program of FASHIONCLASH Festival with a conversation with FASHIONCLASH co-directors Branko Popovic, Laurens Hamacher and Nawie Kuiper, followed by an introduction to the New Fashion Narratives program.


With Joep Meuwissen (LOST WITH THE NEW), Boris Kolar, Nicole Pul (student Toneelacademie Maastricht)

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Esther Hammelburg FASHIONCLASH Festival - Shayli Harrison

Saturday 27 November

18:30/ The future of Fashion is Phygital – On digitization of fashion (events) and hybrid presentation forms.


With Esther Hammelburg (Senior lecturer Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences & expert on live experiences in hybrid events), Shayli Harrison (Speculative Fashion Designer & CEO of Mutani), CURRENT OBSESSION (Independent magazine & platform for contemporary jewellery)


Host: Stephanie Afrifa

Esther Hammelburg is an expert on live experiences in hybrid events. In December 2021 she will defend her dissertation at the UvA (University of Amsterdam, red.) entitled Being There Live: How Liveness is Realized Through Media Use at Contemporary Cultural Events. From her extensive fieldwork — speaking to 379 people and gathering large datasets from social media platforms — she shows how media use shapes the way we experience ‘being there live.’ Her book shows how physical and mediated environments are entwined in live event experiences. Esther is also a senior lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Shayli Harrison is an Antwerp Fashion Department alumna and the founder of Mutani, a digital fashion unitive that connects radical designers with their aesthetic equal in digital creation to produce digital fashion assets for wear in cyberspace. ‘Mutani’ is the first digital fashion startup in Belgium and aims to be the premier source for the most far out fashion in the cyberscene, helping designers reach creative and financial emancipation through fashion digitization. Up to date with the fast-paced tech climate, Shayli is versed on topics such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), decentralization, web 3.0 and the metaverse and how these concepts can be integrated into traditional fashion industry models.

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Iris Ruisch FASHIONCLASH Festival - Sebastiaan Kramer

Introduction to Culture.Fashion – An open and value-driven network in the field of fashion and textile in the Netherlands. With Iris Ruisch (Managing director M-ODE Foundation) and Sebastiaan Kramer (Managing director/ co-owner Hul le Kes and Studio Ryn)


Host: Stephanie Afrifa

Iris Ruisch graduated from ArtEZ in 1998 as a fashion designer. After graduating, she worked for various fashion houses and brands, and after a long period as Head of Design, she wanted to do something different. Within HTNK she worked as Sr Consultant Design, Management & Talent Scout. In 2015, she became Creative Director of Amsterdam Fashion Week, building the platform into a high-end fashion event. Scaling up the opportunities for talent development and their internationalization meant the move to a new adventure: since 2018 she has been working as the director of Stichting M-ODE.


Since his graduation at ArtEZ Fashion Design in 2005 Sebastiaan Kramer has been working together with Sjaak Hullekes. Together they run the manufacturing company Studio Ryn and their fashion brand Hul le Kes. Besides that Sebastiaan is the creative director of the Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem and initiator / artistic manager of Duurzame Mode 025. After his graduation Sebastiaan has been designing for many fashion brands. He also studied Business Administration and Management, where he specialized himself in business management for innovative and creative companies. Regularly he is seen as guest lecturer at universities throughout the country to talk about the alternative management model he developed.

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Off the top of my head FASHIONCLASH Festival - STAND-IN

20:00/ Fashion Makes Sense – With Antoine Peters & Lieke Benders (STAND-IN), Valeski Boor (Off the top of my head), Branko Popovic (FASHIONCLASH)


Host: Stephanie Afrifa

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Anouk van Klaveren

Sunday 28 November

16:00/ Anouk van Klaveren – In de intieme setting van een fictieve showroom, spreekt Anouk van Klaveren over het ontstaan van haar speculatieve merk ‘Peach Tree, Ambiguous’. In een gesprek met Patricia de Vries vertelt ze over haar nutteloze doch mythische designvoorwerpen, het overzeese productieproces van dromen en haar positie als naïeve charlatan. Locatie: Stationsplein 29, Maastricht


17:15/ The Clash House – A showcase for a radical and a game-changing new generation of designers and artists, focusing on crossovers between fashion and other art disciplines. Watch & listen to the performances and stories behind the works of this year’s participants.

19:30/ New Fashion Narratives (replay) – The current generation of designers, performers and artists who see fashion as a mission and investigate the boundaries of their discipline, questioning social systems, and specifically the fashion industry.