FASHIONCLASH wins Inspiration Prize 2021 of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg

25 Nov 2021

Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper, Laurens Hamacher and Jessie Beurskens, founders, inspirers and coaches of FASHIONCLASH, won the Inspiration Prize of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg this year. They belong into the category of digital technology as a craft within art and design. Edmond Staal, vice-chairman of the Cultuurfonds Limburg, will hand out the prize on 25 November. The prize consists of an amount of € 15,000 and a glass object by artist Ruth Houkes.

Branko Popovic, Nawie Kuiper, Laurens Hamacher and Jessie Beurskens embody the reason why this award is presented. For young and old, they are an example of the way in which they make themes such as inclusion and diversity discussable and visible in the arts. Their social engagement and connecting role is inextricably linked to the way in which they manage the platform. With these inspirers, the cultural region of South Limburg has a gem that should be cherished in the humble opinion of the jury.


The jury report
“FASHIONCLASH literally dares to look for a clash, by using various disciplines and media – including digital technology – to question its own position and that of the participants in a surprising CLASH. They know how to include talents in an innovative way in the annual themes that are a critical reflection on social issues, visual arts and design. FASHIONCLASH plays the role of catalyst for these young talents.”