INIKA X Art of Colors: Socially responsible make-up products and skilled make-up artists

16 Nov 2021

We are pleased that INIKA x Art of Colors will support FASHIONCLASH Festival again this year by providing their high quality and socially responsible make-up products and skilled makeup artists.


INIKA: Pure. Natural. Flawless

INIKA’s products are 100% natural and, where possible, Certified Organic. They only use the finest botanicals and minerals –chosen for quality, tested for purity and checked for safety. The products are cruelty-free, toxin-free, halal, vegan certified and environmentally friendly. INIKA’s philosophy is to create the healthiest and highest performance makeup and skincare to give you a flawless look. The products feel luxurious to use and leave you with radiant, glowing results. Your skin will love them, and so will you. INIKA believes that beauty stems from health. Just as you care about what you put into your body, so does INIKA. To put it simply, INIKA is more than clean.

FASHIONCLASH Festival - Art of Colors FASHIONCLASH Festival - Art of Colors

Art of Colors: the makeup artist school

The place to be where you can launch your career professionally as a makeup artist or hairstylist! Founded and established by a dedicated team that ensures that students will not only learn the profession, but also experience what it is like to work as a makeup artist, during various internships and events. Art of Colors provides lessons in small groups, where students learn to work both technically and creatively in order to develop into a makeup artist with an individual style.