KEVIN.MURPHY: a globally renowned eco friendly haircare brand

16 Nov 2021

KEVIN.MURPHY is a globally renowned brand that creates haircare products that are designed to perform for a long time while also giving your hair volume and strength. The products are designed to achieve your dream hair while making sure your hair stays healthy. KEVIN.MURPHY cares about the environment and recognizes the serious threat of climate change – they only tests on models, not on animals!


How it all started

It all started when Kevin was regularly asked to do hair for photoshoots in addition to working at his own hair salon. As a result of all these experiences, he developed his own style as a session stylist. Soon he was more and more in demand for international magazines and fashion shows. The products Kevin worked with did not always give the desired result and often developed skin irritations for his models. Due to this, he decided to develop his own products. He started experimenting with essential oils and plant extracts from skin care products. Ever since, he has become one of the most respected hairdressers of our time and is known globally for his editorial work for big international titles such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Vanity Fair.


Eco Friendly

KEVIN.MURPHY cares about the environment and recognizes the serious threat of climate change. As a brand, they feel socially responsible to make a change! They strive to make a positive contribution to the environment and makes conscious choices when it comes to products, ingredients and packaging. KEVIN.MURPHY already packs their products in rectangular shapes, which decreases the waist left behind from packaging.



KEVIN.MURPHY has been an official FASHIONCLASH Festival partner since 2013. We’re excited to team up again with KEVIN.MUPRHY’s skillful and renowned hair specialists and use their products during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2021!